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About Our Company

We pride ourself on growing with the families we serve and having deep roots in the Mill Park community.

Embracing both traditional values and diversity in honoring the individual spirit, Harris Family Funerals Mill Park offers a full suite of Funeral, Cremation and Celebrant services including Green Funerals and natural Burials.

Harris Family Funerals Mill Park, has been offering full service funerals while handling the needs of all Melbourne Communities with compassionate assistance and efficient services. Our family owned business is still run by the Harris Family.

The Harris Family Funeral Home Mill Park has also invested in renewable solar energy systems that power the facilities, help the enviroment and keep costs down for its clients families.

We hope you will consider us your source for compassionate care and impeccable service.

Our pledge is to honor your loved one and family with dignity, respect and personal attention to every detail.

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