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Funeral Services Mill Park

The Mill Park Funeral Director will guide you through the specific details at an Arrangement Consultation.

You will need to decide at the time whether a burial or cremation is required or you are repatriating a deceased overseas.

Also what type of service you are going to have a dual or single service. A single service is commonly held at one location, it often means less time spent on travelling.

The use of our chapel provides more flexibility with timing. wakes and refreshments also can be arranged.

Most common places for a single service are at graveside, crematorium or funeral home chapel.

A dual service is the most requested type of funeral.

It usually involves a service either in a church or at a chapel and then a funeral procession to the cemetery or crematorium.

This provides the greatest opportunity for tradition, participation and attendance of family and friends.

Many people make the choice whether to have a viewing or a cremation based on the traditions of their religion and culture.

If you do not wish to follow a tradition, the wishes of the family or the deceased will be also carried out.

Please do not rush these decisions as they are very important.

For further enquiries, please contact us on our Free Call No Mill Park 1800 763 855 24 hours

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